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[1] Vilotic D., Movrin D., Alexandrov S. A ductile fracture criterion of ti-6al-4v at room temperature // Experimental Mechanics. — 2017. — Vol. 57, no. 3. — P. 359–366. The workability diagram is often used for predicting ductile fracture in metal forming processes. The shape of this diagram is usually determined experimentally by means of several tests. These tests should provide the strain to fracture at different values of the stress triaxiality. For ductile materials, it is difficult to get the shape of the diagram at small (algebraically) values of the stress triaxiality and it is not necessary for many applications. However, for low ductility metals, such as titanium alloys, it is important to propose and carry out tests in which the stress triaxiality is much smaller than in typical tests used to determine the workability diagram. Such a test is proposed and carried out in the present paper. Then, several standard upsetting tests are performed to determine the workability diagram of Ti-6Al-4V in a wide range of the stress triaxiality. The workability diagram is converted into the strain based formability diagram using a theoretical method available in the literature. [ DOI ]

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