Physical Modeling of Rock Deformation and Fracture in the Vicinity of Well for Deep Horizonsстатья

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[1] Klimov D. M., Karev V. I., Kovalenko Y. F. Physical modeling of rock deformation and fracture in the vicinity of well for deep horizons // Mechanics for Materials and Technologies. — Vol. 46 of Advanced Structured Materials. — Springer, 2017. — P. 309–317. The results of experiments on identification the strain characteristics of rocks from the deep horizons (6 km or more) under the real stress conditions arising in the vicinity of wells and perforations at drilling and operation are presented. The experiments were conducted on the unique experimental facility - Triaxial Independent Loading Test System (TILTS) of IPMech RAS. Specimens for tests were cut from the core of the exploratory wells of the Astrakhan gas condensate field. Physical modeling of the pressure reduction process in deep wells with different bottom geometry is performed. The studies have shown a fundamental possibility of increasing the permeability of rocks from deep horizons by stress condition control in the vicinity of a well. [ DOI ]

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