Influence of the Surface Ligand Molecules Length on the Optical Properties and Photoconductivity of PbS Quantum Dot Condensatesстатья

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[1] Influence of the surface ligand molecules length on the optical properties and photoconductivity of pbs quantum dot condensates / M. A. Zvaigzne, A. E. Aleksandrov, P. S. Samokhvalov et al. // Technical Physics Letters. — 2017. — Vol. 43, no. 10. — P. 879–881. The influence of ligands-organic molecules on the quantum dot (QD) surface-on the optical properties of thin-layer condensates of lead sulfide QDs and the photoconductivity of diode structures based on them has been investigated. A decrease in the ligand length by a factor of 4 is shown to reduce significantly the luminescence-decay time and increase exponentially the conductivity. [ DOI ]

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