Deformation of Spherical Inclusion in an Elastic Body with Account for Influence of Interface Considered as Infinitesimal Layer with Abnormal Propertiesстатья

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[1] Goldstein R. V., Gorodtsov V. A., Ustinov K. B. Deformation of spherical inclusion in an elastic body with account for influence of interface considered as infinitesimal layer with abnormal properties // Mechanics for Materials and Technologies. — Vol. 46 of Advanced Structured Materials. — Springer, 2017. — P. 163–169. The model for surface (interface) elasticity accounting for the influence of bulk and interface eigenstrains as well as the influence of not only in-plane but also out-of-plane stresses on the surface deformation, was proposed by the authors. Definition of all interface values as integrals of the excesses of the corresponding bulk values over the normal to the interface, and procedure of energy variation resulted in constitutive equations for the interface of more general type then the Shuttleworth equations (Shuttleworth, 1950). Here the model is added with the boundary conditions at the interface. The model is used to describe deformation of a spherical inclusion in elastic media. [ DOI ]

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