Implementing Irradiance Cache in a GPU Realistic Rendererстатья

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[1] Implementing irradiance cache in a gpu realistic renderer / V. Frolov, K. Vostryakov, A. Kharlamov, V. Galaktionov // Transactions on Computational Science XIX: Special Issue on Computer Graphics. — Vol. 7870 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. — Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013. — P. 17–32. This work presents an approach to integrating irradiance caching (IC) technique in a complete GPU photorealistic renderer. This work proposes a GPU friendly IC solution, where performance critical parts of an irradiance cache algorithm are done completely on the GPU. The modified algorithm for the GPU is different from a traditional implementation in 2 ways. The first distinction is a predictive nature of our algorithm that allows us to insert a large record set at once instead of inserting records one by one, as in traditional approaches. The second distinction is a new heuristic for validity radius computations. We also consider some low-level details and provide performance analysis of our solution. [ DOI ]

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